Campos Coffee of the month for September is the Baroida Estate from Papua New Guinea.
This single origin is great as an espresso with or without milk. It has tasting notes of black cherries and rich caramel fudge followed by a well-rounded, syrupy mouthfeel...



Farm - Baroida
Country - Papua New Guinea
Region - Eastern Highlands
Varietal - Typica, Bourbon, Arusha, Mondonova
Altitude - 1600-2200m
Processing - Washed
Cupping Notes - Black cherry, Apple crumble, Caramel fudge, Syrupy mouthfeel

Campos Coffee began working with the Colbran Family at Baroida Estate farm in Papua New Guinea, back in 2009.
The Colbran family play an integral role in improving the local infrastructure and supporting the surrounding community by providing local services such as bridges, schools and roads.
An exciting project that Campos has been working on at Baroida Estate, is funding an entire school building for 68 children - allowing these children access to education locally.
The Baroida Estate coffee is a perfect example of the Campos philosophy ‘quality coffee cultivated by good' at work, as not only does this single origin taste great, but it’s helping to better the lives of the communities which cultivated it. 

'The Baroida is back and better than ever before! This month’s Coffee of the Month is part of the Campos family: The Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate'

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"One of the reasons we work directly with the producers of Baroida Estate (our coffee of the month) in PNG is the role they play in supporting their local community. To join their efforts, Campos built a schoolhouse for 68 children at the estate.
Now, instead of trekking for two hours each day to attend school, local children have access to excellent education right at their doorstep."

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Check out Campos Coffee's website to read more about this story here.